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Welcome to iFastPCB

As a leading fast PCB manufacturer, we're committed to offer fast PCB Prototyping and Fabrication service to help customers speed up the R&D and shorten the products' time-to-market.

Viewing our PCB manufacturing capabilities, you can get instant PCB online quote for free, our team is quickly available for consulting on your custom PCB needs.

Quality-guaranteed, cost-saving, full feature PCB products: Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, it's a great choice to save lots of money and time for customers

Fast PCB Prototyping

Quick Turn & Competitive Price

Express PCB service, 24H lead time.
2L PCB prototypes start from $12
4L PCB prototypes start from $49

Fast PCB with competitive Price

Full Feature PCB

Standard PCB, Flexible PCB,
Rigid Flex PCB, High TG PCB,
Heavy Copper PCB, Rogers PCB

Fast PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Service

High Quality PCB Manufacturing,
Original Components Sourceing,
Turn-key PCB Assembly Service

Our Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant service, fast turn around and a keen price. Boards were fantastic.

    James Smith,United States
  • I wanted to make a development board for ARM Controller,iFastPCB printed it, and it was great, amazing service and price.

    Drick Green,United Kingdom
  • Clean, excellent precision on drilling, clear silkscreen, smooth finish, nice pcb boards.

    Michele Csaba,France
  • Based on your quality, speed of service, and excellent pricing, we will send you most of our PC board orders, and also recommend to other companies we work with.

    Alex Zhukovr, Russian Federation
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Professional PCB Fabrication Services

iFast PCB is a professional China PCB manufacturer who have dedicated skill and knowledge to offer high quality PCB prototypes and manufacturing services.

Located in China and boasting an inclusive team of talented and brilliant PCB experts, we manufacture and serve for thousands of clients in various fields and industries that rely on top notch PCB prototypes. Our main directions are:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Customization;
  • Consultation;

What makes us the best PCB manufacturer?

We have been improving our performance of all our PCB related tasks to make sure that the main benefits of working with us will remain unchanged:


Keeping up with time we never stop making our services ultra inclusive – from fast PCB prototyping to volume PCB manufacturing. There is no PCB type we cannot fabricate or customize.

Multiple layers, exclusive durable materials, an extensive range of circuit boards (flexible circuits, Rigid Flex PCB, etc.) – this is what we are the best at.

We have revolutionized support system to offer PCB online quote form and quick online ordering services.


If you need fast PCB prototypes, order them from us – you are guaranteed to receive them within the shortest time possible. Our delivery services are exceptionally fast and adequately priced.


We make custom PCB of nearly any type. Our online PCB quote form allows you to give detailed customization requirements or even upload the file with the PCB manufacturing specification. Then our team will be able to meet all your needs.

Contact us now or get straight to fill the instant PCB online quota to start the collaboration that will provide your business with a supply of proficiently made circuit boards within the shortest time.